What Is Air Source Treatment Units

Air Source Treatment Units

Air Source Treatment Component

Pneumatic Component


The Air Source Processor Is a Component That Performs Work Through The Force Generated By The Pressure Or Expansion Of The Gas And Converts The Elastic Energy Of The Compressed Air Into Kinetic Energy. It Includes An Air Filter, Pressure Regulating Valve, Lubricator, Etc.

Pneumatic Products Are Widely Used In The Automatic Production Of Metallurgical, Electromechanical, Construction, Transportation, Home Appliance, Light Industry, Machine Tool, Medical, And Packaging Industries.

However, Because The Compressed Air Discharged By The Air Compressor Cannot Be Used Directly, It Contains a Certain Amount Of Water, Oil, And Dust. The Temperature Of The Compressed Air Is As High As 140-170°c, And Some Of The Water And Oil Have Become Gaseous.

Therefore, It Is Necessary To Use Purified, Compressed Air To Operate Mechanical Equipment.