Several important dimensions of standard cylinder model specification selection

Several important dimensions of standard cylinder model specification selection

Standard cylinder is one of the most widely used cylinders, commonly used are Yadeke TYPE SC cylinder, SI cylinder, SU cylinder; DNC FESTO Cylinder, SMC MBB cylinder, domestic QGB series and so on.
The main features and advantages of standard cylinders,
1. cylinder diameter is divided into 32~320mm, cylinder stroke can reach 2000mm.
2. The front and rear end covers of the cylinder have buffer adjustment function, so that the two ends of the cylinder piston run smoothly, without impact feeling.
3. a variety of cylinder installation accessories for choice, flexible.
How to select the standard cylinder? Confirm cylinder diameter and stroke first

The stroke is the error distance between the piston rod extended and retracted. Some people will calculate the stroke by exposing the cylinder itself, which is wrong. Cylinder diameter is the diameter of the inner wall of the cylinder, the general outer diameter can also be estimated the size of the inner diameter, under the same pressure, the greater the cylinder diameter output.
The function of the standard cylinder commonly used in China is the same, the main difference is the appearance of the installation size and model;
This is the basic outline of A standard cylinder, confirm the installation distance of cylinder KB and the total distance of cylinder A+ stroke, and confirm the size of the installation accessories are not the same.

Dimensions to be confirmed for flange plate installation, and for front flange installation: distance between flange and red line of piston rod and mounting hole distance of flange plate BD and BF. If it is the same after installation, as long as the flange to the top of the cylinder distance, this time the installation hole distance of the cylinder itself is not important.

Install the CACB attachment to ensure that the diameter of the DE hole and the distance from the center point to the top of the cylinder piston, the cylinder itself mounting hole spacing does not matter.

Confirm the distance between AC+ stroke mounting holes when LB feet are used for installation. To facilitate the installation of the bracket, confirm the middle distance from the bottom of the bracket to the piston rod and the expansion length.

The pendulum attachment bracket in TC and TCM is installed to ensure the distance between the TC middle shaft and the top of the cylinder