How To Use Air Source Processors

The Air Source Processor Consists Of An Air Filter, a Pressure-Reducing Valve, And a Lubricator. Some Brands Of Solenoid Valves And Cylinders Can Achieve Oil-Free Lubrication (Lubricating With Grease), So There Is No Need To Use a Lubricator. The Filtration Degree Is Generally 50-75 Μm, And The Pressure Adjustment Range Is 0.5-10 Mpa.

If The Filtration Accuracy Is 5-10 Μm, 10-20 Μm, And 25-40 Μm, And The Pressure Regulation Is 0.05-0.3 Mpa, 0.05-1 Mpa, The Three Components Connected Without Pipes Are Referred To As a Triple Component.

The Three Major Parts Are Indispensable Air Source Components In Most Pneumatic Systems, And Are Installed Near The Air-Consuming Equipment, Which Is The Final Guarantee Of The Quality Of The Compressed Air.


The Installation Sequence Of The Three Major Parts Is Air Filter, Pressure Reducing Valve, And Lubricator, According To The Direction Of Air Intake. The Combination Of Air Filter And Pressure Reducing Valve Can Be Referred To As a Pneumatic Two-Unit.

It Is Also Possible To Integrate An Air Filter And a Pressure Reducing Valve To Become a Filter Pressure Reducing Valve (Which Has The Same Function As The Air Filter And Pressure Reducing Valve). On Some Occasions, Oil Mist In Compressed Air Is Not Allowed, So An Oil Mist Separator Is Required To Filter Out The Oil Mist.


In a Word, These Components Can Be Selected According To Needs And Used In Combination. The Air Filter Is Used To Clean The Air Source; It Can Filter Moisture In The Compressed Air And Prevent It From Entering The Device With The Gas.

The Pressure-Reducing Valve Can Stabilize The Pressure Of The Air Source To Maintain a Constant State, Which Can Reduce Damage To Hardware Such As Valves Or Actuators Caused By Sudden Changes In The Pressure Of The Air Source.

The Filter Is Used To Clean The Air Source And Can Filter Out Moisture From The Compressed Air To Prevent It From Entering The Device With The Gas. The Lubricator Can Lubricate The Moving Parts Of The Machine Body And Can Also Lubricate The Parts That Are Difficult To Add Lubricating Oil To, Thus Greatly Prolonging The Service Life Of The Machine Body.